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VBC Children’s Consignment Seller Agreement

  1. I agree to all terms and conditions listed on www.vinevillebaptist.org/consignment.
  2. I understand I will pay a $12.00 non-refundable consignor fee through PayPal and receive 70% of the selling price.
  3. I understand that the VBC Consignment Sale has the right to refuse to sell any item.
  4. I understand that I will no longer be able to enter inventory after March 4 at 9 am (before drop-off begins!).
  5. I understand that all items should have secure tags, and I cannot receive credit for items without tags.
  6. All clothing should be on a hanger so that when the item is facing you, the hook will be facing to the left and the tag will be on the right. Pin the tag with a safety pin. No straight pins OR tag guns are allowed. No clothespins are allowed.  Any items not properly tagged will not be included in our sale.
  7. Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. should be hung using pant hangers or securely fastened to a hanger so they do NOT slide.
  8. I understand that the VBC Consignment Sale is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. 
  9. I understand that I will be required to show ID to enter the Consignor's Sale.
  10. I understand that I can not bring a friend with me to the Consignor's Sale.
  11. Children, spouse, or parent ARE allowed to shop with you at the Consignor's Sale.
  12. I understand that if I register and fail to participate, I will not be allowed to consign in the following season sale.
  13. I understand that if I miss my drop-off appointment, I will not be allowed to consign in the following season sale and I will not be able to drop-off at a later time for the current sale.
  14. I understand that checks will be given out during pick up time.  A check will be mailed to the address given at sign-in if items are not picked up.
  15. I understand that the VBC Consignment Sale will donate any items marked "Donate", so I will take the utmost care when selecting the donate option on the online system.
  16. I understand that any item marked "Donate" will automatically be marked "Reduce" and sold for half price on Saturday.
  18. I understand that VBC Children's Consignment Sale has the right to prohibit me from consigning in the future for any reason

    I agree to follow all of the below guidelines.
  19. Clothing must not smell of smoke and have no tears, no stains, fading, broken zippers, missing buttons, etc. All clothing should be in new or good used condition.
  20. Single letter monograms ONLY!
  21. Any items not tagged or hung properly will be returned to the consignor to fix.
  22. Juniors - Limit of 10 items
  23. Men's/Women's adult sized clothing, intended for teens - Limit 20 items each gender
  24. Maternity clothes in good condition - limit of 10 items.
  25. No mismatched outfits (different sizes and/or brands)
  26. Shoes-Limit 15 Boys shoes and 15 Girls shoes
  27. Bottoms should be on Pant hangers or securely fastened so they do not slide.
  28. Only movies or games rated G or PG allowed.
    Limit inventory to 500 items.
  29. Outside toys should be cleaned carefully and in good condition
  30. Current season clothing only.
  31. All toys, bikes, cribs (NO drop-side), and other items should have all parts and be in working order.
  32. All battery operated items should have working batteries included.
  33. It is the consignor's responsibility to verify that items for sale have not been recalled. Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission for a list of recalled items that should not be sold at www.cpsc.gov.
  34. We will be screening very carefully to maintain the quality of our Sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item.

    We will NOT be accepting:
  35. No stuffed animals
  36. No jewelry
  37. No crafts
  38. No carseats, booster seats, or travel systems
  39. No item with a school logo.
  40. No local sports team (Upward basketball, VineIngle, etc.)
  41. No drop-side cribs
  42. No miscellaneous items, all items must fit within one of our approved categories

Consignors will pay a non-refundable $12.00 participation fee and receive 70% of the selling price. The fee will be paid using PayPal.

Drop-off Instructions

When you come to your drop-off appointment go to the back parking lot on the Hines Terrace side of the gym.    You will check in, and we will verify that your clothes are hung and tagged properly.  Then our church members will unload and bring in your items. You will not need to enter the gym.

Drop-off appointments are crucial to how we organize and run the sale.  If you miss your appointment, you are forfeiting your right to participate in the current sale.

We check and pull stained items, then store them until pickup. This takes up a lot of space, but we get many compliments about the way we do this at our sale. We ask that you please be very picky in what items you bring to the sale. Check for stains in several different lighting situations. This will be a great help to us and our workers!

Remember to only bring items that you would be willing to buy!

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