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  • The minimum price is $1.00. Items can be priced in $0.50 increments.
  • All clothing should be on a hanger so that when the item is facing you, the hook will be facing to the left and the tag will be on the top right.  Like a question mark.
  • Pin the tag on clothes with a safety pin. No straight pins OR Tag Guns!!!
  • Skirts or Pants should be on pant hangers or securely fastened so they do not slide.
  • Pajamas and onsies sell better on hangers instead of in a bag.
  • Shoes that are zip tied together sell better, and they do not have to be put in a zip lock bag. Attach the tag with a safety pin to the zip tie.
  • All clothing must be sorted by size and gender when brought to the receiving appointment.
Put all small items such as bibs, shoes (that are not zip-tied), multiple books, socks, etc. in a plastic bag and secure with PACKING TAPE, not scotch tape.

Always secure tags on the outside of plastic bags or to the item with PACKING TAPE. Scotch tape does not hold! 
We do our best to prevent theft and loss of items.  Remember your consignor agreement says we are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items, so make sure the bag will stay securely closed to prevent loss!
Please put a piece of masking tape with your consignor # on your items in case your tag falls off.  
Type a detailed description of your item.
We can look up your consignor number or description in our computer system and print a new tag for it.
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