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May 2, 2021

A New Upcoming Event

I noted last week that we had put a few summer events on the calendar. To recap, in lieu of having on-site Vacation Bible School, our children’s committee has created the delightful innovation of “Wonderful Outside Wednesdays” (WOW), which will take place at Amerson River Park from 5:30 pm – 7 pm on the evenings of June 2, June 9, June 23, June 30, and July 7. Should be great fun for children and their families!

Also, we are planning to enjoy Burgers and Bingo night on Wednesday, June 16, in the Hines Terrace parking lot, somewhat like we did the Thanksgiving dinner this fall. The time for this event is projected to be 5:30 pm through 7:30 pm. My covenant with you is that those of us doing the cooking and serving will be fully vaccinated. Also, we are planning to gather at Amerson Park on Wednesday, July 14, for a hymn sing and activities. The church will provide the ingredients for the meal, and you can create your own sandwich out of what is provided. That event will start at 5:30 pm, too.

Don’t forget that we are planning for a big camping and river-rafting trip on the days of July 22-24, on the Nantahala River. We will be camping at the beautiful Apple Tree Group Camp, and, as of now, we will be the only group allowed in the camp that weekend. More details to follow soon.

As many of you know, the Fall Bazaar is scheduled for October 1 and 2, a Friday evening and Saturday. More details will be forthcoming regarding that event, too. However, I have also accepted a request from community leaders to have Vineville Baptist Church be a tour stop on the “Georgia Trust Fall Architectural Ramble,” which takes place October 8-10. This “Ramble” is sponsored by the Hay House. Apparently, a Georgia city is selected every year to host this event, and sundry houses, churches and buildings of architectural interest are placed on the tour, which is enjoyed by several hundred people. Vineville Baptist, along with several houses in our neighborhood, was selected as a site to be visited on Saturday, October 9, during the hours of 11 am to 4 pm.

We will need volunteers to serve as docents during these hours on that Saturday, October 9. I don’t need to start taking names yet, but if you would like to help host visitors to our church on that day, be thinking about your availability. I estimate that we would probably need four to five people each hour to hand out information about the church, identify our bathroom sites and generally welcome people into our house of worship. If such a role suits your fancy, I would be delighted to make use of you.

By the way, our Church Council has recently approved a proposal from our properties committee to enter into an agreement with noted architect Elliot Dunwody, whose family has been synonymous with Macon architecture for generations. The agreement would allow Mr. Dunwody use of parking spaces in our Hines Terrace parking lot. Mr. Dunwody is working on a project to remodel a historic property in our neighborhood and create a Vineville Pool Club that would help revitalize the Vineville neighborhood. Of course, there would be a few occasions when our parking spaces would not be available to the Pool Club, but on the whole, Mr. Dunwody and the properties committee agree that this would be a wonderful partnership between church and community. When details of the agreement are finalized, I will share them with the congregation. But I am delighted that we can turn parking spaces that go unused most of the week into a source of substantial income for the church. It is like an extra pledge!

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 9. Melissa asked me why I only reminded the “guys” about Mother’s Day last Sunday from the pulpit. I replied, “Because you girls don’t forget dates like that.” Also, remember that we will be honoring our high school seniors on Sunday, May 16. I’ll be sharing with them a message entitled, “The Importance of Saying Uhhh.” Finally, the Red Cross will be collecting blood here on Tuesday, May 17.

A word from your pastor,
Dr. Richard Kremer














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