News from the Pastor

October 24, 2021

We Need Your Help!

I noted in last week’s Vision that the next several weeks constitute a breathless race that runs right up to Thanksgiving. We need everyone’s help in running that race!

Remember that next Sunday, we are hosting a Halloween event in the Hines Terrace parking lot, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. We will need volunteers to help register those who come by to trick or treat with us and will need folks to help pass out bags of goodies with candy and information on church activities. If you can help, contact Leigh or Kathy Kendrick.

Remember also that we will be enjoying a Fifth Sunday breakfast next Sunday morning beginning at 9:15 a.m. in the gym. Kathy Kendrick will be delivering the Sunday School lesson to the combined adult classes. The children of the church will enjoy their own pancake breakfast with Leigh.

Next Sunday is also the occasion of our All Saints’ observance when we will commemorate those in our church fellowship who have passed from our presence into the heavenly host. The significance of this powerful worship experience will be enhanced by the baptisms of Laila and Robert Wilson.

As I noted last week, the theme for this year’s Advent booklet is “Christmas Food.” Everyone has certain foods, perhaps a main course, perhaps certain desserts, that convey the Christmas spirit to them and their family. Offer your reflective thoughts on a particular dish you prepare or eat each Christmas, or maybe share your recollection of a particular meal from times past that remains a cherished memory. Melissa and Jody Thornton, who rush to have the Advent booklet ready for use on Sunday, November 28, the first Sunday of Advent, BEG you to have your entry in by Sunday, November 14. We will accept entrees later, but the more we can receive by November 14, the easier you make their herculean task. PLEASE DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

I remind you that we have a couple of special meals on the horizon, in addition to next Sunday’s breakfast. On Wednesday, November 17, we will enjoy a supper of traditional Thanksgiving fare, with turkey and dressing. That will also be the occasion of our fall church conference. On the following Sunday, November 21, we will enjoy our Thanksgiving celebration meal. As we did last year, we will cater the meal, only this time we will enjoy it inside. We are planning to order barbecue with all of the “fixings,” supplementing the meal with fried chicken. Plan to compose and send your expressions of Thanksgiving to Jody Thornton, in time to be posted on our screen during the meal. We will also need you to make reservations. Please do so by Sunday, November 14, so as to give us adequate time to place our food order. The meal is free.

Also, as I noted last Sunday, we are starting to collect food for our Thanksgiving boxes that serve the needs of people in our church and in our community. There are tables outside the church office where you can place your donations. Leigh Halverson has prepared a detailed list of what we would like you to donate, and that list is inserted in your bulletin this week. Copies can also be found outside the sanctuary and the office. We created 25 boxes last year and will surely need at least that many this year. (I’ve already started looking for turkeys!) Again, we need you to respond in a timely fashion. We will start distributing the boxes on Monday, November 22, so we need your donations no later than the 21st, and preferably sooner.

Monday, November 22, is also the evening when we will serve a Thanksgiving meal to the residents and surrounding homeless folks at the Macon Inn. Let me know if you can help cook or serve.

I remind the youth of the church – and any college kids who are willing to serve as chaperones — to circle Friday, November 5 on their calendar, when they are invited to engage in a “Treasure Hunt” that will send them scouring the city as they solve my riddles and discover clues. I promise you, it will be a memorable adventure, and you are welcome to invite friends! Then you can camp in our backyard afterward!

A word from your pastor,
Dr. Richard Kremer