News from the Pastor

August 14, 2022

Brain Teasers, 2022

One staple of our church camping/river rafting trip is my offering the collective minds around the campfire a series of riddles that they are expected to solve by means of asking Yes and No questions. Over the last few years, while I am on vacation, I have shared these brain teasers with the entire congregation. Good luck solving them. If you need hints, find someone who went on the camping trip this year.

1) A man lives on the 12th floor of an apartment building. He rides the elevator down to the lobby each morning when he goes to work. Upon his return, he rides to the 10th floor and walks to the 12th unless someone else enters the elevator, too – or if it is raining – then he rides all the way to the 12th floor.

2) What cartoon character owes his existence to a misprint in a scientific journal?

3) A young couple goes to the movies. After fifteen minutes they leave and the cashier gives them a full refund. The movie is working perfectly, and they have a perfect view. So why were they given a full refund?

4) What did people do 4,000 years ago that no one has been able to manage in the ensuing 4,000 years?

5) Why did Bill thank Ed for eggs that Bill never received and that Ed had never given him?

6) True story: Kidnappers took the son of a rich man. The kidnappers left a ransom note that told the man to leave a valuable diamond in a telephone booth in the middle of a public park. The rich man informed the police, and the police sent out plainclothes officers and surrounded the park so they could follow the criminal or messenger. The rich man arrived at the booth and followed the instructions. But the police were completely powerless to prevent the diamond’s escape.

7) A man bought an expensive oriental carpet at a fashionable boutique in a Middle Eastern country. The customer discovered the carpet had a flaw. The seller agreed that it had a flaw but refused to take the rug back or offer the customer any sort of refund. Why?

8) A butterfly fell, and a man was seriously injured. How?

9) Most shops have prices set under a round figure, like $9.99 instead of $10 or $99.95 instead of $100. We assume that this is done to make us think the merchandise or item is actually cheaper than it really is. But that is not how the practice started. Why did it start?

10) At a celebratory dinner a Wimbledon champion said to the man next to him: “You and everyone in here can see something that I cannot see. What is it?”

11) A recluse who lived for years in a small community was charged with a serious crime. He knew no one in the community. So whom did he call as a character witness?

12) A prominent publishing house receives a novel from a noted writer that the publishing house is sure will be a best seller. Yet they do not publish it. Why?

13) Mr. Murray happened to be reading a newspaper article aloud to his wife. He then saw an item that caught his eye. The headline read, “Woman in Italy falls to death.” Curious, he read further and found that she had accidentally fallen from the 7th floor balcony. The name of the woman was Mrs. Carolyn Bixby. Mr. Murray said to his wife, “This was no accident. This woman was murdered.”

14) A reckless explorer fell into the hand of cannibals who prided themselves on their logical powers. The chief of the cannibals told him, “I will allow you to make a last statement. If your statement is false, we will kill you slowly. If your statement is true, we will kill you quickly.“ The explorer then made a statement that so perplexed the cannibals that they let him go. What did he say?

15) A man was born before his father, killed his mother and married his sister, yet no one thought his behavior out of the ordinary. Why?

We welcome Tommy Jordan to our pulpit today. Tommy, who has had successful careers as a music minister and a pastor, rendered valuable service to our congregation last fall when he served as our interim music minister during Angela Blizzard’s sabbatical. Give him a warm welcome. I will be back in the pulpit next Sunday.

A word from your pastor,
Dr. Richard Kremer