Children’s Choirs at VBC include children from 3K through 6th grade. All choirs sing during a Christmas program in December and during an end-of-year program in May; these programs are on Wednesday nights at 7:00. Our schedule follows closely that of the Bibb County Schools, with choirs not meeting the week of Thanksgiving, a couple of weeks after the Christmas program, and during the week of Spring Holidays. Grades 1-6 occasionally sing in the Activities Building following Wednesday night supper or during a Sunday worship service. Every other year or so we present a musical in December or May. The music for our other programs is drawn from our Growing in Grace Children’s Music Curriculum or other resources in our music library.

All of our choirs have access to a wide variety of rhythm instruments, resonator bells, Boomwhackers, and Orff instruments. Grades 1-6 also use choir chimes and handbells. We sing with recordings and with piano accompaniment. Musical concepts and singing skills are taught in both small group and large group settings. Preschool choir emphasizes steady beat, simple rhythm patterns, matching pitch, and basic concepts such as high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow. Treble Makers build on these skills in grades 1-6, adding more difficult rhythms, singing in parts, music reading, and performance skills. They also have access to Maestro, a computer-based music education program. Age-appropriate spiritual concepts are woven into our teaching as we discuss the words we are singing.

Our choirs include not only the children of our Vineville Baptist families, but also children whose families do not have a church home or whose church is not able to provide a graded choir program. Visitors are always welcome!