“Go! Go Forward!”   (Romans 15: 20 -24 )

How often do we stop to recognize that God’s covenant interaction with humanity starts with the simple command, “Go”?    God says to Abram, “Go! Go from your country and go from your kindred to the land that I will show you.”  God says to Moses, “Go confront Pharaoh...

“I, Tertius . . .“   (Romans 16: 22)

Occasionally, when I am in a feisty and perverse mood, I tease some of my fundamentalist friends by telling them that Paul did not write a single book in our Bible.  When they sputter and fume, I tell them that my source for this opinion is Paul himself.  Yes, he...

What Makes a Family?   (Acts 2: 1-13)

As most of you know, a couple of weekends each year I lay aside my pastoral duties to meet family and friends from around the country for a few days of camping and river rafting.  Next weekend, will be the 89th time we have gathered.  And though the cast of characters...


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